About Us

​Like Apple, the idea for Mariscos Colima was also born in a garage.  The Difference was that it was idea born of hunger and necessity.  They dreamt of building a restaurant where fresh ingredients and perfect seasoning would be served everyday.  During the year of 2000, the owners worked on creating a “lunch truck” that provided quality seafood in Fresno, California

As a result, they built on the corner lot, but expanding and growing the business was difficult since most of the business was cash.  Banks and financing companies did not want to lend them money and they had to be creative and aggressive to get the financing that they were in need of.  In Fact, the Clinton & Chestnut location is the way it is because they had to keep it simple.  Although it took some searching for financing, they were able to get it built.

What they wanted to do is find a place where they could park and make it easy for people to find them. After several months, they found a piece of land that was perfect. The parcel on the corner of Clinton and Chestnut was just dirt and some bushes, but they saw potential.  Soon after, they began parking their mariscos only lunch truck.  

It was then that they were visited by a couple of realtors with mutiny on their mind.     They wanted permission to sell tacos on the same lot since Mariscos colima was only selling mariscos.   When Mariscos Colima did not agree, the realtors tried to take the land from under them.  It was this that propelled them to buy the land and no longer lease.   At the same time, the city was also trying to shut them down because of new regulations that were put into place that the mariscos truck and the lot did not have in place yet.  Construction began in 2002 and during the remodel they continued to sell mariscos and tacos on the same corner.  While constructing the site, they decided to expand their business and look for a second site.  The building of the present site and a second site took about two years.

Mariscos Colima now has two locations in Fresno, one in Clovis, Oakhurst and Hanford.  From the beginning, they dreamt of making this like a franchise.  In fact each restaurant looks like the next one.  Mariscos Colima's mission is to create an experience that tastes the same in all of our restaurants.  Mariscos Colima works hard at making sure each restaurant can provide its customers with the same quality of taste and experience.  Mariscos Colima's mantra is “Mexican fast food with great quality and fresh ingredients.”    Mariscos Colima vows to keep that promise because every location makes their own salsa and food.  Your food should never taste different in Fresno or in Oakhurst.  Mariscos Colima is still a family business.  On behalf of its owners; we thank you for visiting our restaurants and being our loyal customers!